16-20 September 2018
Europe/Rome timezone

Medals and Prizes

Awards and Medals of the Analytical Chemistry Division


Canneri Medal

Awarded in memory of Giovanni Canneri, and assigned to an Italian or foreign researcher
who has distinguished himself for their research in the field of Analytical Chemistry.

Winner: Claudio Minero

Liberti Medal

Awarded by the Analytical Chemistry Division, the Environmental
and Cultural Heritage Chemistry Division and the Separation Science
Interdivisional Group to a researcher who has distinguished himself
at the international level for research in the field of the two Divisions
and of the Interdivisional Group.

Winner: Maria Careri

Young Researcher Award 

Awarded to a young researcher who has shown particular aptitude and interest
in research activities in the field of Analytical Chemistry.

Winner: Monica Mattarozzi

Degree Award 

Aimed at rewarding a thesis discussed during the calendar year 2017
and carried out in the field of Analytical Chemistry.

Winners ex aequo: Giulia Costamagna, Ramona Abbattista




Career Award

Awarded to a researcher who, thanks to his/her work and ideas,
has contributed to the development and dissemination of the
culture of Analytical Chemistry. The award recognizes a
career that has distinguished for high professionalism
and academic commitment.
Winner: Giuseppe Palleschi

The awarding of the Canneri and Liberti Medal, the Young Researcher, the Degree and the Career Award took place during the General Assembly of the Analytical Chemistry Division, on Monday 17th afternoon.



Awards of the Congress Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee assigned awards to the four Best Posters and the seven Best Flash Communications presented at the Congress.

The awards have been assigned by considering:

• pertinence to the topics of the congress

• originality and innovation

• quality of poster/flash communication

• effectiveness in transmitting the message

The awarding of the Best Posters and Best Flash Communications took place during the Social Dinner, scheduled for Wednesday 19th.

Winners (Poster):
Carmela Maria Montone, Marco Vecchiato, Rosalia Maria Cigala, Valentina Marassi

Winners (Flash):
Elena Pavoni, Barbara Benedetti, Elisa Marchegiani, Patrizia Firmani, Rossella Svigelj, Donato Calabria, Emanuele Porru


Springer Poster Awards 

Springer assigned awards to the four Best Posters.
Daniel Rojas, Eleonora Mustorgi, Chiara De Luca, Roberta Tatti


Bonus Prizes 

First abstract (senior): Alessandro Bertucci
First abstract (junior): Lisa Elviri

First registered (senior): Massimo Del Bubba
First registered (junior): Barbara Benedetti
First registered (junior, with scholarship): Eleonora Amante


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